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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interesting facts about Linux.

1) Swap is better pronounced as swop.The word has its origins in french.

2) Linux will only be installed to primary master.

3) Name of linux installer is called anaconda and
For Linux installation using GUI,the partitioning tool used is Druid.
Never ever use Druid to partition using Druid as it has problem of jumping the partition number.Better use Ctr+Alt+F2 when it ask for partitioning .It will switch to command mode then use fdisk command to partition the disk.Once you finish the partition use Ctr+Alt+F7 to come back to GUI installation.

4) There are no installation types they are better called as installation classes.

Installation classes are mainly catagorised in 4 parts.
1) Personal Desktop
2) Workstation
3) Server
4) Custom

The first and second class will not format the partition and will boot in GUI.
However the third class Server class will format the partitions and will boot in command line.

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