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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Linux Syllabus


Total No of Classes: 15-20 sessions [2-3 hrs each]
Duration: 2-3 months (2 days in a week)

1)    What is Linux ? Why Linux?
a)     History.
b)    Difference Between Linux and Windows
c)     Difference Between Linux and Unix
d)    GNU
e)     Usage
f)      Career Options
g)     Interesting Facts about Linux.
h)    Why Linux is Virus proof?
i)       Various Linux Distributions.
j)       Pros and Cons

2)    Root
a)     Who/why/what is root

3)    Basic commands
a)     mkdir
b)    touch
c)     ls
d)    pwd
e)     cd
f)      chmod
g)     df
h)    du
i)       dd
j)       adduser
k)     sort
l)       passwd
m)  rm/rmdir
n)    date
o) tar
p) gzip 
q) top

4)    Editors
a)     Vi Editor

5)    GNU/LINUX OS Installation

6)    Basic System configuration and Administration.

7)    OS Installation.

8)    Understanding Files and Directories in Linux
a)     File Structure and hierarchy
b)    File Permissions
c)     LVM overview

9)    Schedulers
a)     cron
b)    at

10)           User Administration

11)           Software Installation In Linux .
a)     RPM
b)    make

Intermediate and Advanced
Total No of Classes: 30 sessions [2-3 hrs each]
Duration: 3-4 months (2 days in a week)

12)           Linux Boot process
a)     Boot Loaders (LILO and GRUB)
b)    System Initialization
c)     inittab
d)    rc.sysinit
e)     rc

13)           LVM  (Logical Volume Manager)

a)     Volume groups
b)    Physical and logical volumes
c)     Resizing LVs etc

14)           TCP/IP Network Management.
a)     route
b)    ifconfig
c)     ping
d)    netstat

15)           Driver/Module Installation and Removal.
a)     modprobe
b)    rmmod
c)     insmod
d)    lsmod
e)     modinfo

16)           Log Monitoring and rotating 

17)           OpenSSH - The GNU/Linux Secure Shell 
a)     ssh
b)    Sshd
c)     scp

18)           sudo and su - Giving users SuperUser Privileges

19)           Linux Administration.
a)     Single User Mode
b)    Rescue Mode
c)     IP Tables
d)    File Sharing with SAMBA
e)     NFS
f)      Mail Server using SENDMAIL
g)     Web Server installation (apache)
h)    Proxy Server installation using SQUID.
i)       Firewalling using iptables
j)       PAM (plug gable Authentication modules)
k)     Linux Performance Monitor
l)       SAR utility.
m)  Monitor cpu using sar
n)    track Application causing Memory Leak

20)           Linux Hardening.

21)           Linux Scripting using bash
a)     awk
b)    sed
c)     grep
d)    while
e)     for
f)      echo
g)     variables
h)    functions

22)           Information over open source projects
a)     lynis(Unix-based auditing tool
b)    rootkit hunter.


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