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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mumbai Mantralaya Burning.

I was passing by a street and suddenly heard people telling mantralaya is on burn.

I checked the news and its was indeed burning....
May god help whoever trapped inside.

Lets talk some technology here.

Some guy updated his facebook saying "Mantralaya on burn i can see it". I m amazed by the speed such news spreads.Facebook and twitter are faster than So called news channels.

As this blog is sponsored by google you can view it on first page of google.

There are people who use such events to advertise .I know its sad but its another way to advertise.Be it India win the wordcup or  sad demise of a President .
At the end of the day Its all about advertising .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disk ,Cylinders and Sectors

Disk is composed of cylinders.

Each cylinder is composed of disk sectors.Different Drives have different number of sector sizes.
For example
if a hard disk of Samsung has 2000 cylinder each of which consist of 16000 sectors .
Each sector size is 512 byte.
There fore the size of one cylinder is
16000 * 512 byte =16000 * 1/2 kb (as 512byte is a half kilobyte)= 8000 k = 8 Mb (approx).
There for the size of hard disk is 8 Mb* 2000 =16000 Mb = 16 Gb.

The more the size of cylinder the more the disk performance.For example Samsung disk with one cylinder size 8 Mb will give better performance than Western Digital of 4mb per cylinder size.

Interesting facts about Linux.

1) Swap is better pronounced as swop.The word has its origins in french.

2) Linux will only be installed to primary master.

3) Name of linux installer is called anaconda and
For Linux installation using GUI,the partitioning tool used is Druid.
Never ever use Druid to partition using Druid as it has problem of jumping the partition number.Better use Ctr+Alt+F2 when it ask for partitioning .It will switch to command mode then use fdisk command to partition the disk.Once you finish the partition use Ctr+Alt+F7 to come back to GUI installation.

4) There are no installation types they are better called as installation classes.

Installation classes are mainly catagorised in 4 parts.
1) Personal Desktop
2) Workstation
3) Server
4) Custom

The first and second class will not format the partition and will boot in GUI.
However the third class Server class will format the partitions and will boot in command line.

Monday, June 4, 2012

OSI layer simplified.

I always had problem remembering OSI layers so i just googled hoping i get something.

Whoolaaa , I got it

"Please do not throw sausage pizza away"
Away - Application
pizza - Presentation
sausage - Session
throw - Transport
not - Network
do - Data link layer
please - Physical.

All credit goes to original inventor .