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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disk ,Cylinders and Sectors

Disk is composed of cylinders.

Each cylinder is composed of disk sectors.Different Drives have different number of sector sizes.
For example
if a hard disk of Samsung has 2000 cylinder each of which consist of 16000 sectors .
Each sector size is 512 byte.
There fore the size of one cylinder is
16000 * 512 byte =16000 * 1/2 kb (as 512byte is a half kilobyte)= 8000 k = 8 Mb (approx).
There for the size of hard disk is 8 Mb* 2000 =16000 Mb = 16 Gb.

The more the size of cylinder the more the disk performance.For example Samsung disk with one cylinder size 8 Mb will give better performance than Western Digital of 4mb per cylinder size.

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