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Monday, July 16, 2012

Linux Boot Process for Beginners.

There are various articles available on internet explaining boot process.This is yet another attempt to reinvent the wheel but this time I m taking in consideration newbies, who just started loving Linux.

Most of the Articles on Linux Boot Process begins with the Power On stage ,I will change the trend by Beginning with Linux Installation.

Linux Installer (Anaconda) takes care of the Linux installation process.During the installation process It places a tiny file in the Beginning of the Harddisk.
(To be very specific Cylinder 0,Head 0 ,Sector 1 of the harddisk .You dont need to remember all this as you just started learning Linux but Little bit of extra details makes no Harm).

So Anaconda places a tiny file at a start of the Harddisk.

Now the question is why does he do that ?

Ans : As you go ahead you will understand the reason why.

What is the name of the file ?

Ans : In older Linux Distributions There was a file called LILO .but in modern Distributions of Linux the file is replaced by another file called GRUB.
Moral of the story : GRUB is Latest ,LILO is Old.

What does this file contains ?

This file contains reference to other files.

Why does it Contains the reference ?

Now this is interesting.

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