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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Backup Using Rsync

There are several advantages of using Rsync over cp.

1) Speed :

If you copy a file from Source A to Destination B for very first time ,It will copy the entire file as it is So it may not sound different from using cp for the same purpose.
However for the next time if you try to copy the the Same file from Source A to Destination B,It will first check if the file at source A is modified .Depending upon the check rsync decides whether to copy a file or not.

2) Secure transfer of data:

Rsync allows the user to transfer the data in encrypted fashion using SSH protocol.


rsync options source destination

COPY One file:

rsync -v sourcefile destination

Above command is normally used for copying one file to Destination.

For Syncing the files
rsync -avz source destination 

Good article over rsync can be found at

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