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Monday, August 30, 2010

Date ( Linux system)

Change System Date:

There are many ways to change the system date in linux but i think following method is bit easier than others.

# date -s "31 JAN 2009 22:19:53"
-s option used to set the date.

In every case above example is sufficient .However you can use below commands for your knowledge.

# date +%T -s "23:20:57"

# date +%T%p -s "11:20:57PM"

Display Date in different format:

I would recommend to use following format while using date variable in your script.

#date '+%F-%I-%M-%S-%p'

-F : full date same as %Y-%m-%d
-I : hour (01..12)
-M : minute (00..59)
-S : second (00..60)
-p : locale√Ęs equivalent of either AM or PM; blank if not known

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